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Welcome to Wildflowers!


Whether you have been in the beauty industry for years, or for days, we are here to offer you genuine support on your journey as a business owner. Our goal is to make you successful. We will achieve this by creating an environment that lifts women up instead of tearing them down. We escaped a hostile work setting in which frequent mistreatment broke our spirit and built a strong sense of career dysphoria. We have seen , first-hand, how licensed professionals are taken advantage of and we are creating change. We are told fresh out of school that we must jump headfirst into the industry, so that we may grow our skill set as much as possible. What they don’t mention are the major companies that exist only to profit off of taking advantage of your skill set. We knew we had to create a safe space for beauty professionals who were afraid of venturing out on their own.


Wildflowers exists to uplift you and guide you through the challenges of owning your small business. Through empowerment we can recreate the beauty that we once had and remember why we fell in love with this industry in the first place. We humbly welcome you to let your career bloom wild and free. 

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